Formlabs Form 3B+ Complete 3D Printer Package

£6,740.00 EX.VAT

The Formlabs Form 3B+ is a revolutionary desktop printer for healthcare that reduces the time it takes to create dental fixtures, making production faster than ever before. It has an innovative ecosystem with precise drivers and apps designed by our team of experts in order make your life easier so you can focus more on what really matters - patient care. The Form 3B+ Complete Package includes all the essential tools, plus automated post-processing tools, 1L resin of your choice, one year manufacturers warranty and one year of service from the Formlabs Dental Care Team.


Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™

Resin Fill System:

Build Volume (W x D x H):
14.5 × 14.5 × 18.5 cm

Layer Thickness:
25 – 300 microns

XY Resolution:
25 microns

Laser Spot Size:
85 microns

Laser Power:
One 250 mW laser

Resin Cartridges:

Biocompatible Materials:

Light-Touch Removal


Minimum Access Dimensions (W × D × H):
40.5 × 53 × 78 cm

Printer Dimensions (W × D × H):
40.5 × 37.5 × 53 cm

17.5 kg

Internal Temperature:
Auto-heats to 35 °C

Temperature Control:
Air-heated print chamber

Operating Environment:
18 – 28 °C

Power Requirements:
100–240 VAC
2.5 A
50/60 Hz
220 W

Laser Specifications:
1 Light Processing Unit
EN 60825-1:2007 certified, Class 1 Laser Product
405 nm wavelength
250 mW power
85 micron (0.0033 in) laser spot

Wi-Fi (2.4, 5 GHz)
Ethernet (1000 Mbit)
USB 2.0

Printer Control:
5.5" interactive touchscreen, 1280 × 720 resolution

Touchscreen alerts
SMS/email via Dashboard
Two LED status indicators
Speaker for audio alerts


System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 (64-bit) and up
  • Mac OS X 10.12 and up
  • OpenGL 2.1
  • 4 GB RAM

File Types:

  • STL and OBJ file input
  • FORM file output

PreForm Print Setup Features:

  • One-Click Print
  • Adaptive layer thickness for faster printing with fine details
  • Remote Print
  • Auto-orient for optimal print position
  • Auto-mesh repair
  • Auto-generation of supports
  • Rotate, scale, duplicate, and mirror
  • Layer slicer for path inspection
  • Available in multiple languages

Dashboard Printer Management Features:

  • Manage prints and printers via the cloud
  • Track resin and tank usage over time
  • SMS and email alerts
  • Create enterprise group accounts with admins to more easily share printers and control access

The Form 3B+ Complete Package includes:
1 x Form 3B+ 3D Printer
1 x Form 3+ Resin Tank V2.1
1 x Form 3+ Build Platform
1 x Form 3+ Finish Kit
1 x Model, Draft or Grey Resin (1L Cartridge)
PreForm Software (Download)
1 Form Wash
1 Form Cure


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