Formlabs Fast Cure

£2,470.00 EX.VAT

Formlabs Fast Cure

Post curing maximizes material properties for stereolithography prints, improving parts’ performance and achieving biocompatibility.

Fast Cure is our powerful and high-performance curing unit designed to cure dental parts in one to six minutes. Formlabs Dental resins have been rigorously validated and fine-tuned with Fast Cure to work safely and seamlessly in an end-to-end workflow. The touch screen makes it easy to start a cure cycle with preloaded validated settings for each Formlabs Dental resin.

Availability and Shipping:

8 weeks lead time


Powerful and fast curing solution for dental 3D printing, validated in an end-to-end workflow to allow safe and efficient patient treatments.

    • Speed
      Cure any dental 3D printed part in one to six minutes with Fast Cure, our high-performance curing unit. Cure dental models in one minute, crown and bridges in five minutes, occlusal guards in six minutes.
    • Instant Heating
      No preheating required thanks to 200 W powerful 405 nm LED lights.
    • Validated End to End Workflow
      Leverage Fast Cure’s preset and tuned settings for Formlabs’ Dental Resins which have been rigorously validated and fine-tuned to work safely and seamlessly in an end-to-end workflow.
    • Future Proof
      Create and save custom settings for resins of your choice on the 7.9” touch UI. Connect a nitrogen tank when desired through the unit inlet*. *Curing of Formlabs resins do not require nitrogen


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