3DISC - Heron Intraoral Scanner

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The Heron Intraoral Scanner is a digital 3D imaging solution bringing simplicity to the beauty of your work as a dental professional.

One of the most ergonomic and easy to use scanners on the market, the Heron weighs in at 150 grams with a compact, streamlined design for more efficient scanning and increased patient comfort.


Scanner Type
Hand-held (chairside) scanner that creates
optical impressions for dental restorations.

Compact, lightweight, ergonomic – designed
to be operated with little physical effort.

Base Size:
L 306mm, W 98mm, H 72mm

Scanner Weight:
150 grams

Scanner Size:
Size: L 256mm, W 43mm, H 43mm

Power Requirement
DC5.0V / 4A (Power supply included)

Scanner Tip
Reusable, sterilize using steam autoclave

Heating Element
Prevents formation of fog on the optics

Acquisition Method
Intraoral camera – active stereo imaging

Color Scanning
24-bit (8-bit per channel)

Tooth Preparation
No powder or spray required

Scanning Principle
Continuously scanning and accumulating (stitching) depth and color data

Distance Scanner - Tooth
0 – 12mm

Possible Contact Duration by Operator
10 min ≤ t Note: May vary with hardware configuration

Operator Accessible Part

Possible Contact Duration by Patient
10 min ≤ t

Patient accessible part (Type B Applied Part)

Computer – Scanner Interface
USB 3.0

Otput File Format

Compatibility with CAD/CAM System
Open Architecture Output format STL, PLY, OBJ Compatible with most Dental CAD systems

Case Management application Interface
Touchscreen support


Operating System
Windows 10 (Excluding Windows 10
S, now defunct) Administrative rights

Disk Space
100 GB of free disk space or greater

1 x USB 3.0 port (SuperSpeed) 2 x USB

CPU Type
Intel i7 - 4 Cores or greater (e.g. i7 8700)

CPU Clock
2.8 GHz clock or greater

16 GB of RAM or greater (DDR4 or better)

NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Processor
2000 Series (GTX): 1070 or Greater 1000 Series
(GTX): 1070 or greater - At least 6 GB video memory
2000 Series (RTX): 2060 or greater - At
least 6 GB video memory


Operating Temperature
10°C ~ 40°C

Operating Relative Humidity
10% ~ 80% (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature
- 20°C ~ 60°C

Storage Relative Humidity
10% ~ 80% (non-condensing) Indoor use

Installation Category

Pollution Degree

Ingress of Liquids

Protective Class
Class IIIb

Overvoltage Category
I (Supplied from output DC source, max.
5 V. dc, 600 mA) of notebook or non-medical grade PC certified by IEC60950-1

Max. Working Condition
Continuous cycles with image capture and transmission from/to Notebook or non-medical grade PC.

Other possible accessories (IEC60601-1
3rd, Cl. 16)
Notebook with AC/DC Adapter.

Equipment Maintenance
No user maintenance is required, and no user service is allowed. Please contact technical support if there is a problem.

Do not try to clean the inside of the device. Refer to Chapter 6 for cleaning and sterilization.

The Heron Itraoral Scanner includes:
Extra Scan tips (autoclavable) 2 pcs
USB 3.0 Interface Cable
AC/DC Power Adaptor


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