The Heron IOS is an intraoral scanner designed to take your practice into the digital world. With easy to use, intuitive software, the HeronClinic Software can easily meet all your orthodontic, restorative and implant needs. Heron IOS makes it effortless to scan and share patient cases to share with labs.

Heron IOS for Dentistry

The Heron IOS is an ergonomic and compact intraoral scanner. It has been designed for an intuitive, simple user experience in order to produce seamless scans and maximise patient comfort. 

Heron IOS is one of the most ergonomic and easy to use scanners on the market with a rotating tip, it weighs in at 150 grams with a streamlined design for efficient scanning at a very attractive price. The autoclavable tips allow for easy sterilisation between patient scans.

Heron Cloud

Heron IOS has a cloud sharing platform that can export in STL, OBJ and PLY, with direct intergration into DWOS and Exocad. The open design of the system and ability to export locally or via the HeronCloud allows direct, one-click communication with your lab.


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Heron IOS Solution Workflow

The Heron IOS is a digital 3D imagining solution to bring simplicity to your dental surgery. It is presented as a turn-key solution that takes under 10 minutes to set up.
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Case Creation

Create and manage the order in just a few steps.

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A fast intuitive process performed by dental professionals or dental assistant.


Case Sharing

Using the HeronCloud, easily share your digital impressions with your lab of choice.

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The software is an open system, compatible with all open dental CAD systems.

Designed for simpler, faster and accurate impressions

The Heron IOS has been thoughtfully designed to enable dental professionals to be confident in the success of their scans.

Quality Control

The Heron IOS has a Quality Map in-built, allowing users to see where insufficient data has been obtained and scan those areas again where more data is required. This ensures quality scans every time.

Intuitive Interface

The software designed by 3DISC is a user-friendly interface, enabling clinicians to navigate through the software swiftly. This makes it easier than ever to browse patient cases, scan and share with labs.

Occlusion Map

The One Click Occlusion Map has been created to reassure dentists on the occlusal distance for preparation. It is designed to check the occlusion points before sending to lab.

Intelligent Repositionning

The intelligent repositioning feature is AI designed to help dentists start from whatever point he already scanned on the arcade.