Formlabs Post-processing

Streamline your 3D Printing workflow with the Formlabs post-processing machines. Whether you are using the Form 3B or Form 3BL, Formlabs have suitable post-processing solutions for both standard and large scale parts and production. 

Formlabs SLA 3D Printing Workflow 

Scale up your in-house production of large scale parts with the Form 3BL ecosystem. The suite of Formlabs products streamlines the 3D Printing workflow. Save time, minimize effort and maximize efficiency. 

Streamline your workflow with large-format post-processing

Alongside the Formlabs Form 3BL, the complete large-format post-processing system made up of the Form Wash L and Form Cure L will produce clean, high-quality, accurate parts. If your workflow includes a large-format printer or you produce a large quantity of parts, you may consider the Form Wash L and Form Cure L for your workflow. 


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Explore the Form Wash and Form Cure

The Form Wash and Form Cure have been designed to work together and maximise material properties. Dental parts will travel from the Form 3B to the Form Wash, where residual resin is washed away before parts are lifted out to dry. The Cure then maximises material properties by precisely controlling light, temperature and time.
Formlabs wash and cure