Form 4B

Formlabs Form 4B is a blazing fast dental 3D printer that offers the most diverse materials library for dentistry and orthodontics. Create high-quality dental models and biocompatible appliances fast, with easy workflows, leading reliability, and stunning part quality using the Form 4B ecosystem.

Fast: A model every 49 seconds
Versatile: 15+ Formlabs and third-party resins
Intuitive: Anyone can learn in 15 minutes
Accurate: A perfect fit every time


Blazing Speed Meets Unmatched Accuracy

Form 4B’s speed is driven by Formlabs’ new Low Force Display™ Print Engine, a powerful combination of ultra-high power LEDs, collimating lenses, optical filters, and a robust liquid crystal display. Together they cure each layer of resin rapidly — regardless of part size or quantity. With consistent surface accuracy, models, appliances, and prosthetics will fit every time.

Materials for a wide range of applications

Access our library of Formlabs materials compatible with the Form 4B to find the best material for your application. Formlabs resins are manufactured from biocompatible materials and are ISO 13485 certified in a FDA-registered facility. 

How to use the Form 4B to streamline your workflow

Intuitive to use. The same trusted workflow, now 4x faster with the Formlabs Form 4B

1. Import your model and prepare your print

  • Smart auto-orientation
  • Advanced support generation
  • Live printability checks

2. Load a material and click print

  • Optimized and validated print settings
  • No-hassle cartridge and tanks
  • Automatic resin dispensing

3. Remove, wash, cure

  • Quick release part removal
  • Automatic part cleaning
  • Precision post-curing for peak material properties

4. Finish and deliver

  • Light touch supports for quick, clean support removal
  • Enhance surface quality with our curated set of Finishing Tools
  • Sterilize and package

Unmatched reliability. Stop coming back to failed prints.

Validated Print Setting

Formlabs optimization engineers put hundreds of printed parts to the test to ensure each material performs to the most reliable standards, right out of the box.


Intelligent Control System

Six control systems precisely measure and maintain the temperature, resin level, print forces, and print status inside your printer.


Long Lasting Consumables

Robust hardware that was engineered for years of use.

Tank rated for >75,000 layers for all materials.

Light Processing Unit rated for >750,000 layers.


Factory Calibration

60-point calibration and quality control inspection before your printer even leaves the factory.


Remote Monitoring

Monitor your prints and manage your printers from anywhere with an integrated camera, preventative maintenance reminders, and free Dashboard software.


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