Form 3BL

The Formlabs 3BL is the large format 3D Printer with a build size of 33.5 × 20 × 30 cm. Designed for high-production dental 3D Printing, the Form 3BL is designed to work day and night with minimal intervention. 

The Form 3BL for Dentistry

The Form 3BL can produce functional, complex parts for any use in a matter of hours or days. The Form 3BL has two Light Processing Units that work concurrently. This allows big prints to be created in small times frames. In addition to this, the lasers still offer a resolution as precise as the Formlabs Form 3 printer.

The Form 3BL uses a technology called Low Force Stereolithography which reduces the forces applied on parts during the print process.

Streamline your workflow with large-format post-processing

Alongside the Formlabs Form 3BL, the complete large-format post-processing system made up of the Form Wash L and Form Cure L will produce clean, high-quality, accurate parts. 


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Materials for a wide range of applications

Access our library of Formlabs materials compatible with the Form 3BL to find the best material for your application. Formlabs resins are manufactured from biocompatible materials and are ISO 13485 certified in a FDA-registered facility. 

Big Parts, Fast Production

The large build volume on the Formlabs Form 3BL enables one large model or many small parts in one single job.

On-demand printing

Work faster and with full control with a versatile, large format 3D printer in house.


Validated Workflows

The Form 3BL has been validated in FDA-cleared workflows.


Efficient and intuitive

Integrate the Form 3BL into your existing clinical workflows seamlessly.

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Part quality

The Form 3BL provides incredible part quality, ensuring medical devices meet production standards.

Designed for minimal operator intervention

The Formlabs Form 3BL has been designed for nonstop throughput in order to work seamlessly without having to be monitored by an operator.

Cloud monitoring

Over time, remotely monitor your printers and track resin and tank usage on the online Dashboard.

Status alerts

Enable notifications via text and email when prints are completed or your printer needs attention. 

Resin dispensing

The Formlabs automated resin system holds two resin cartridges to prevent interruptions mid-print and dispenses as parts print. 

In-house repairs

Form 3BL parts can be replaced individually. This means you don't have to wait for a replacement printer if something goes wrong.