Form 3B+

Rapidly print patient-specific parts at the point of care and bring innovative R&D and commercial production in-house with the Form 3B+, an advanced 3D printer for healthcare professionals and medical device engineers. 

The Form 3B+ for Dentistry

See how the Formlabs Form 3B+ can optimise your part production in house. Create accurate, high-quality, patient specific models to streamline your practices workflow. 

The Form 3B+ has been designed for efficiency, with a simple print preparation software, automatic resin dispensing and a thoughtfully designed interface.


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Materials for a wide range of applications

Access our library of Formlabs materials compatible with the Form 3B to find the best material for your application. Formlabs resins are manufactured from biocompatible materials and are ISO 13485 certified in a FDA-registered facility. 

How to use the Form 3B+ to streamline your workflow

Produce parts you will be proud to deliver to patients with the Formlabs Form 3B+. Formlabs dental has been verified by dentists for reliability, high-quality and ease of use.
Formlabs Scan

1. Scan

Using an intraoral scanner, collect patient scans digitally. 

Digital designing

2. Design

Upload scans to dental CAD software & design treatments virtually.

printed denture models

3. Print

Import the designed CAD files into PreForm and easily send them to a Formlabs printer.


4. Process

Wash and dry parts before post curing. Parts can then be used intraorally.

Designed for minimal operator intervention

The Formlabs Form 3B+ has been designed for nonstop throughput in order to work seamlessly without having to be monitored by an operator.

Cloud monitoring

Over time, remotely monitor your printers and track resin and tank usage on the online Dashboard.

Status alerts

Enable notifications via text and email when prints are completed or your printer needs attention. 

Resin dispensing

The Formlabs automated resin system holds two resin cartridges to prevent interruptions mid-print and dispenses as parts print. 

In-house repairs

Form 3BL parts can be replaced individually. This means you don't have to wait for a replacement printer if something goes wrong.

Produce quality results with the Form Wash and Form Cure

Use the Form Wash and Form Cure together with the Form 3B+ to get the perfect finish on printed parts and bring your entire workflow in-house. This post processing system consistently produces quality results with incredible surface finish, using less time and effort.  
Form wash and cure

Form 3B+ Features

Patient-specific models

The Form 3B+ can create patient-specific anatomical models as well as surgical instruments.


For small and medium parts requiring biocompatibility and sterilization, the Form 3B+ is perfect.

Low Force Stereolithography

Using advanced Low Force Stereolithography, the technology within the Form 3B+ uses a flexible resin tank to transform liquid resin into pristine, accurate prints.