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Do more in-house, faster and more cost-effectively, with easy-to-use, precise 3D printers.


3D Printing is intuitive and easy to use
It’s time-saving and cost effective
It delivers unparalleled treatment outcomes
Results are reliable and high-quality, trusted by dentists and staff worldwide.

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Accuracy and Consistency Every Time 

Next Generation Low-Force Stereolithography

Next-generation Low-Force Stereolithography is a technology employed by all Formlabs printers to ensure strain on a part is reduced when the technician is peeling it away from the resin tank between layers.

The light-touch supports make removing the finished printed structure much easier while also significantly reducing the time taken for the post-processing phase. Your finalised parts have enhanced clarity and surface quality.

Clear Mouth Piece
Green Mouth Piece

Superior Accuracy Levels

The Form 3B utilises an extremely precise print process incorporating Low-Force Stereolithography, enabling production of extremely accurate surgical guides, splints, removable die models, and other indications. Overall, the Form 3B delivers the same, if not better, levels of precision as large-format dental 3D printers that cost significantly more.

If you’d like to examine the products used in Formlabs equipment to evaluate their quality and precision for yourself, choose your material and we will mail you a free 3D sample part printed on the Form 3B.

3D Printers for Dental Practices

Form 3B


Easy to use, outstanding results
Our Form 3B Complete Package comprises everything you need to extend the services delivered by your practice with fast, high-precision 3D printing.
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We’re revolutionizing the industry 

View how dental practices have managed to simplify their lives with operational excellence resulting from our wide range of products. We’re changing the way dental clinics work, one 3D Printer at a time. 
Bridge Model

Crown and Bridge Models

1.50-6 EUR per model
Orthodontic Model

Orthodontic Models

1.50-2.50 EUR per model
Full Dentures

Full Dentures

8-10 EUR per denture
Crown Model

Temporary and Permanent Restorations

2-8 EUR per unit
Full Teeth Model

Occlusal Splints

3.50-4.50 EUR per splint
Full Dentures Bottom

Surgical Guides

2-5 EUR per guide


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